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Property Damages?

We to educate you on how to deal with and respond to emergencies and disasters. We all face unforeseen situations in your home or workplace however we can give you the needed advice and help to clean up after these situations.

Here are the basic steps to follow if you experience Property Damage:

  1. Contact Your Insurance Carrier
  2. Document Damage with Photo or Video, before cleanup begins
  3. Request copy of your insurance policy and coverage
  4. Understand or seek assistance to understand your insurance policy
  5. Document your activities and save all receipts, including those for property replacement or alternate living expenses
  6. Make decisions that are best for the survival of your business or family
  7. Meet with your adjuster first, before signing off with contractors. They will be able to recommend preferred contractors
  8. Begin restoration process

Below we have listed common questions that arise from various types of property damages



  • The fire damage in the house is limited to one room, but the smoke smell is throughout the house! Can you do anything about that?

Yes, we will be able to help get rid of the odor, no matter how bad it may seem. After we cleanup the fire damage to that one room, we use advanced chemicals and blasting techniques to rid your home of the smoke residue and smell. We can get the odors out from your possessions and the structure of your home using these methods. We also offer pack-out services for any items that need specialized cleaning.

This is a situational answer, all depending on the severity of damage done. You may have to vacate if the damage affects a large portion of the home.


  • My basement has flooded, what do I need to do?

Depending on how deep the water is, we advise one of two steps. High water will require us to bring in tools to drain and dry your home. We donít advise you venture into the water to try to rescue items; those can be dried and restored. If your water is just shallow or contained in a certain area or room, you may want to move objects not yet wet into a dry, safe area. Call us for immediate drying and restoration. Water damage left unattended or properly cared for results in later mould damage.

  • Can I fix the water problem myself?

In some cases you may be able to clean up after a leaking sink or toilet. However, we strongly advise you to call water extraction professionals to come provide a free estimate. We can assess the damage and then provide honest opinions regarding needing professional help. There are several situations we would want to evaluate, contact a professional to have your unique situation evaluated.

  • What is the mould removal process?

First, you have to call for an inspection. They will come test for the type of mould and will be able to provide you an analysis. Once it has been tested, contact us for an appointment for a remediation professional. They will assess the situation and best help you remove from all of the infected areas. The best reason to call a professional, is they test and ensure the cause of the moisture has been sealed off.

  • Can I remove mould on my own?

Youíll want to talk to a mould remediation professional first. Call and have testing done by a professional company to receive answers Ė they will let you know if you require professionals to come remove. Bleach will not take care of all of your mould problems.