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With over 600 Certified Installers across Canada, there is one near you! Please enter your postal code or your city followed by your Province Selection, to find a qualified installer in your area ! Please note that by submitting your information in this step does not bind you to an install. Please discuss installation timing, product selection and labour costs with your preferred installer.

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Get the Preferred Installer Advantage!

- Each of our preferred installers have been fully trained on the installation and operation of each of the devices we offer

- They will advise you of the best unit for your unique home and budget needs.

- Installations booked through our certified installer network qualify for a Preferred Install Rate . Please Confirm your installation rate with your installer and they will provide you a quote for the installation.

- All our installers carry insurance

- The installer will ensure you fully understand the operation of your device before they leave

- Your installer will place a hang tag on your valve with contact information if you ever have plumbing related needs or questions.

- Every Installation of the Aqua Trip system comes with the "Home Health Check" which includes:

           - Visual inspection of your mechanical room for anything that may require your attention

           - Visually inspect any other "problem" areas the home owner feels may require attention

(For a complete and in-depth home inspection, please consult the installer to get a quote)