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Did You Know

Did you know that over 60% of insurance claims are due to water damages?!

Of the over 60% water damage claims did you know that over 90% of them are preventable?!

  • Approximately twice every minute a home in North America experiences a plumbing related flood
  • A leak of only ONE drop per second wastes about 10,000 Litres of water a year
  • A Toilet that continually runs wastes up-to 200,000 litres of water a year
  • Don't ignore a drip in the trap under your sink. It's a warning sign of potential serious drain problem.
  • Most plumbing is hidden in the walls and serious problems can begin invisibly.
  • The area around your hot water tank should be try and clean, early detection of a small leak can help prevent far more serious damage if the tank ruptures.
  • Water damage is often the biggest cost associated with a burst pipe, especially if the flooding continues for any length of time. Total cleanup costs can be $5,000 - $70,000 or more.
  • If your insurance company finds the flood was caused by lack of maintenance they may revoke your coverage and you will be stuck paying the total cost of the repair.
  • Protecting our water supply will reduce pollution and health risks, lower water costs and extend the useful life of existing supply and waste treatment facilities.
  • Although Canada has a significant amount of fresh water, we possess only 7% of the world's renewable freshwater supply.
  • Studies have shown that for every $1.00 spent in communities with leak detection programs up-to $3.00 can be saved.
  • According to the Insurance Information Institute, more than seven times as many insurance claims are caused by water damage (17%) than by theft (2%)
  • Even if water damage appears minimal, the cost to remove mold can be significant and can cause your insurance premiums to raise.
  • A pipe bursts, a hose blows or a steady drip goes unnoticed for months. Whatever causes a leak, it usually results in a messy, costly problem. The Insurance Bureau of Canada reports that the insurance industry pays $1.7 Billion in claims each year for water damage.