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Customer Testimonials

We value the feedback of those customers who have an AquaTrip system installed in their home. Here are just a few examples of what home owners all over the world are saying about AquaTrip. If you have a picture of your installation we would appreciate it if you e-mailed it to: info@dcpro.ca

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Ryan A

Langley, BC

After Purchasing our new home and hearing about the AquaTrip system from a friend, it seemed like a great fit after having a devastating flood at our previous residence that forced us to move. It's great to have the peace of mind that we are now protected. We had the AquaTrip installed for about a year now and have been very happy with the reduced water bills and savings on our home insurance. Everyone should have one. Thanks DC PRO





I live aloneand work as a helicopter pilot in Papua New Guinea, and I work two weeks away and then spend one week at home.

I recently returned home from two weeks away to find my AquaTrip hadshut off my water supply.Closer inspection revealed that my hot water heater had splitand begunto leak quitebadly.

AquaTrip had detected the leak, turned off the water and saved my housefrom being flooded. Without AquaTrip the water would have run for up totwo weeks....
As my hot water system is INSIDE my house, the damage would havebeen extensive !

It saved me from a disaster, and a LOT of money inrepairsand water losses!!!

Rex K - Install

William C.



I was initially alarmed at my high water bills, so installed an AquaTrip to make sure that I was not losing any water to leaks.

As soon asit was installed it detected a leak, which turned out to be a leaking toilet,this was repaired and a second leak in the shower wall cavity was discovered.This was in turn isolated and repaired. Unbelievably, a third leak wasdetected, which turned out to be a cracked mains pipe in the garden.

AquaTrip has reduced my waterbill considerably and without it, I would be still wasting water and money. I also use the AquaTrip real time water consumption display to keep an eye on my consumption. For once, I can actually see how much water I am using and what my water is costing me. I would recommend it to EVERYONE....

William C

Michele S.



I have a biggish block of land and kept receiving what I felt were unreasonable water bills. My husband heard about AquaTrip, and we decided tohave one installed by our local plumber.

Sure enough, right after installation, the AquaTrip began picking up a leak somewhere. After a lot of head scratching, and working together with the plumber & a leak detection company, we discovered that quite a bit of the old underground irrigation piping was leaking. We would have never known about these leaks, was it not for the AquaTrip and would have been paying for all this wastage for who knows how long???

Well, the AquaTrip keeps a close finger on our water 'pulse' now, and alerts us from time to time to taps left dripping and when my hubby leaves the hose on in the pool.

This is a highly recommended product!

Michele S

Toni C.

Upper Coomera,


I was very conscious of my water bills with the rising cost of water, so I decided to fit an AquaTrip to monitor my consumption and protect me from wasting water through unknown leaks.

My AquaTripis connected to my water meter and now I can instantly see how much water I am using and what it has costme. Plus I have the peace of mind that if I ever have a burst pipe or leak, AquaTrip will be there to save me.

I also like the fact that I can easily turn off my water when I leave the house for extended periods. (My hubby likes that fact that he can turn the water off directly from the AquaTrip Control Panel when he needs to change a Tap Washer!!)

I seriously think that every single home should have one of these......

Toni C

Mike M.


My AquaTrip has been a revelation. The real time water consumption and cost data has made me much more water wise.

In the past two years, the AquaTrip has detected several different leaks and where taps have been left running or toilets cisterns have stuck open with the water running straight into the bowl, and not filling the cistern.

A VERY clever invention- I love my AquaTrip.................

Mike M.




I live on a property with a rain & council trickle fed tank for my water supply.

I have lost count of the number of times that my AquaTrip has detected taps not shut off properly. It has twice saved me when I have topped up my pool and forgot that I left the hoserunning. A very clever invention.

It has also been useful to get my teenage kids out of the shower, as they know if they are in the shower for too long the AquatTrip will shut off the water!

Marcus P




I recently built a brand new home adjacent to my business, and before construction a friend told me about AquaTrip. I had my builders install one at the time of building, which added next to nothing to the cost of the building, besides the cost of the AquaTrip.

Well, GUESS WHAT? Immediately after the water supply to the house was commissioned, the AquaTrip started cutting the water. I pointed this out to the builder, and told him there is a problem with the plumbing, and he said 'no-way mate!'. Sure enough, we eventually discovered that one of the brand new toilets was faulty, and had to be replaced.... Hooray AquaTrip.

I also had another major save, as I left the garden hose tap on, with the trigger nozzle shut. At some point, the hose popped off and was it not for the AquaTrip, the water would have run for hours. It paid for itself then and there. NOBODY should be without an AquaTrip.
Dominic C

Jeff B.



Aquatrip is a god send ! I have had the device installed now for several years and it has proven to be a most innovative and cost saving design.

It has detected the inadvertent loss of water in my home on a number of occasions, frequently when that loss is barely perceptible. Many thanks and congratulations to the inventors and the development team responsible for this outstanding product.

Jeff B

Alan W.


South Africa

After several instances of copper pipe theft in our neighbourhood and the resultant wastage of large volumes of water, I decided to install an Aquatrip. Within the first day, the device had revealed two leaking toilet cisterns.

It is reassuring to know that any leaks that may develop will be speedily identified and that while one is away, water loss due to copper pipe theft will be minimized automatically. A great product that everyone should install.

Alan W.

Rory G

Langley, BC

To be honest, I originally only purchased Aqua Trip for the insurance discount. Saving me 10 percent each year for as long as I have it installed was a no brainer. It would pay for itself in a year and a half. As luck would have it, I installed the device shortly before leaving on vacation. The day before we were going to leave the AquaTrip kept shutting the water off. I reset it with the remote and went to investigate. Turns out my hot water tank was just about to burst. Had I not installed it, the tank would of burst while I was on vacation, thus flooding for days. Cost savings and peace of mind!

Penny P

Aldergrove, BC

Last fall I had a water loss at my residence. After a lengthy and stressful period, my house is back together. Bound never to go through that again, I started researching systems that could possibly help prevent this ever recurring! DCPro's device is definitely the answer. With the insurance discount and the peace of mind, this was a no brainer. The install was quick and easy and haven't experienced any problems with the system or device. Thank you to all the great people I dealt with and for bringing this to Canada!!! Think I will go away for a few weeks!!!