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Become A Preferred Installer

Are you looking to join one of the fastest growing network of preferred plumbers in Canada? Our preferred installer program is looking for only the most experienced, highest service level installers.
Why Become a Preferred Installer?
  • Your company will receive exposure to Thousands of home owners in your area
  • Your company will receive preferred pricing on all Aqua-Trip Products
  • Your company will develop long term customers through our "Home Health Check"
  • Your territory will be protected to ensure a high volume of installs for your company
  • Increased sales revenue from other plumbing upgrades generated from Aqua-Trip installs
  • Aqua Trip products conveniently located at major local wholesalers
  • Training provided via our web based classroom
  • See if you qualify!
The following rules and regulations to become a preferred installer on the Damage Control Program are designed to protect our customers and ensure a minimum service level is met in all territories.
Approved Installers must meet the following legal requirements:
  • Carries all required Provincial and Federal licensing
  • Has a current and valid insurance liability policy
  • Knowledge of the latest industry codes and standards

Installer will contact the customer within 48 hours (Excluding weekends) of being solicited to arrange installation
  • Installers will follow the MSRP pricing on all products being installed

  • Customers who are directed to our website by Insurance Brokers and other partnering industries will be advising customers that installations booked through our site will qualify for a "Preferred Install Rate" - Explained below
  • Customer will also be advised that this rate is subject to a quote by one of our preferred installers
  • This rate does not include - Additional labour to facilitate install, materials or Mileage for rural areas
  • All labour costs are to be confirmed with the Preferred Installer base on the unique layout of a customer's mechanical system.
  • Installers must maintain a customers satisfaction rating of no less than 3 out of 5 stars (stats will be checked quarterly)
  • Installer must warranty the workmanship of the install
  • As part of the installation on our devices the installer also agrees to execute the “Home Health Check” and inspect all applicable plumbing fixtures and devices (Hot Water Tank, Boiler, connections and pipes). You may at this point recommend any necessary upgrades or repairs to the customer’s home
  • Installers must accept major credit cards for payment
    The “Service Zone” Defined

    The Service Zone is the municipalities that your company is willing to offer installations of the AquaTrip System at a "Preferred Rate" or minimum call out charge for installation requests generated through dcpro.ca. Service zones may also include "rural" zones in your territory where mileage may apply. Installers are to advise customers at time of booking the installations if additional charges are to apply. Our company reserves the right to adjust the boundaries of the “Zone” if it impedes into an already set territory. We also reserve the right to revoke a preferred installer status at any time, without notice if a situation arises that such action is necessary.

    Install Rate
    Servicing rates are to be confirmed by the installer at the time of initial estimate. As every plumbing system is different, installers are asked to qualify an estimate based on the unique mechanical design of the customers home. Any additional labour or materials re routing of piping or fittings are subject to additional charges, click here to see an example. Plumbers are only required to charge a minimal cost for installs generated from solicitations on our website. Materials, Additional labour required and Mileage are all topics to clarify with the home owner prior to installation of the product.