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About Us

The Damage Control Program is a division of CuPRO Solutions Inc, a family owned and operated company with over 100 years experience in the plumbing, wholesale, restoration and customer service industries. Our primary goal is to offer unique and exciting new products designed to protect your home and offer you peace of mind.
Why was this program created?

In the 12 years our founder worked in the restoration industry, he worked on thousands of floods and had seen just about everything.... Except a solution. Knowing the continuous risk that insurance companies & home owners were under with unprotected mechanical systems, old pipes, appliances and simple human error something had to be done.

After extensive market research it was determined that none of the leak detection devices currently available in North America provided complete home protection and none of them protected insurance companies from the largest and most expensive insurance claims; pipe burst & failed connections.

At Damage Control Pro we are committed to making a difference in the insurance industry by being the ONLY full service leak detection provider in the Country. From Product to Install, we are your one-stop shop. We will continue to maintain a flexible approach with our programs as everybody's needs are different. If you have an idea on how to better bring our product and services to market, we want to hear from you.

Understanding Flood Damage

According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, the industry pays 1.7 Billion dollars each year for water damage. This staggering number can be greatly reduced by adopting a leak detection product that will detect and prevent catastrophic floods that cost the insurance industry billions of dollars every year. With the introduction of the Damage Control Program, home owners across Canada will now have a way to protect their homes, possessions and peace of mind with a single, inexpensive device that utilizes cutting edge technology to monitor your entire home.

Water is one of the most destructive materials on Earth. When water gets into your house, the damage can be staggering. To better appreciate the gravity of water damage, we interviewed a home owner who had experienced a catastrophic flood to better understand what happens to your home and your life when a flood happens.

The Jackson Family "Water Event" 

July 2012 is dreadfully known as the “water event” in the Jackson household. It began while we were having a wonderful summer family vacation. While we were basking on the beach on the Sunshine Coast, the “water event” was working it’s way through our home. At the end of it’s journey, the “water event” caused $150,000 in damage and huge inconvenience to our family and life.

A section of our piping in our crawlspace broke and our hot-water on demand system kept delivering hot water through the pipe. 130 degree steam and water was filling our crawlspace and the steam began to fill our house. Because we were away for many days, the steam bath continued until our arrival home. When we walked through the front door we walked into what can only be described as a tropical rainforest. Water was dripping from everything and the temperature and humidity was 98 degrees. 

Everything was warped, the ceilings, flooring and crown moulding were soaked and swelling. Water was dripping from all the light fixtures and water had rusted our duct system. Nothing was left untouched. Thus began our 1 year relationship with the insurance company, restoration company and various trades. It was a very hard year with many hurtles. Here are a few of them:

  • We were re-located to a hotel for 3 ˝ months. Our two children and dog and cat lived with us in a hotel where cooking was minimal and the kids had to be driven to and from school everyday.

  • Try living in a hotel while doing shift work. The hotel comes alive while you are trying to sleep.

  • We had to put all our expenses on a credit card to the tune of approximately $36,000 and the monthly interest charge of $800-$900 was impossible to pay.

  • We spent most of this time watching our house being torn apart and rebuilt from the studs outward. All paint colours, flooring, lighting, carpeting etc. had to be replaced and this all took a lot of time. We spent time and money travelling to home renovation stores, to pick out colours, carpeting, flooring etc. All of this was done on a very tight time schedule and on top of working, and raising our family.

  • The insurance claim was finally closed 1 year after the event. We spent about 800 hrs of our time and energy on the “water event” and we never want to experience one again.

Even though we were taken care of well by our Insurer and our Restoration company this “ event “ was needless to say one of the most stressful and out-of-control times of our lives. We now understand that this all could have been prevented if we had known about a simple device called the AquaTrip which was introduced to us by Kyle Sigouin our Project Manager and the founder of Damage Control Pro . We now have the AquaTrip installed in our home so we can go to work or even a family vacation and know that we will not be coming home to a “water event” like this ever again. We encourage every homeowner to educate themselves about the AquaTrip and spend the small amount of money it takes to ensure you don’t experience what we did.

The Jacksons

We are dedicated to complete customer satisfaction. If you have any questions regarding the process or any other inquiries , concerns or comments regarding one of our products or services, we want to hear from you.

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